[heavy] layout, the next 100 years, BMW group announced future transportation outlook

car information can subscribe to Oh! Today,
the epoch-making impetus - the future of BMW group opens the first stop of the global tour in Beijing.
This innovative show is one of a series of events celebrating the 100th anniversary of the BMW group,
which have been held in Beijing,
London and Losangeles since May.
BMW group selected China as the first stop of the global tour,
reflecting the importance of the Chinese market for BMW group.
BMW believes that human travel is ushering in a whole new era,
and at this stage,
traffic travel is characterized by green traffic,
intelligent Internet and automatic driving.
And this is an excellent opportunity for a mature automotive company with 100 years of history to shape new competitiveness and develop a new customer base.
In the next 100 years,

The 24 hour global news Cluster - 160505 games

ame Chinese version of the official on sale by the Beijing Museum and the introduction of a moment game finished popular games codenamed works,
has recently officially on sale.
The designer of the famous Vlaada Chv til created a game works,
since has been widely acclaimed,
and obtained many important awards and nominations.
The moment introduced by hall Chinese version for translation and optimization of game Chinese environment,
make this a guessing game to become more suitable for Chinese game environment.
The game has been officially released,
the market retail price of 148 yuan.
Saltlands is a survival game in a car to escape.
The story takes place in the world after the catastrophe,
and it is a very poor science and technology,
and the earth is dry and cracked.
Game player and part

Breakfast in Lujiazui, Thursday, May 5, 2016

the background free Wind version of the APP account information agencies 1,
May 4th macro Li Keqiang chaired a State Council standing committee meeting,
decided to carry out the implementation of the special inspection to promote private investment policy,
to further expand access,
efforts to expand private investment; Department of manufacturing industry and promote the depth of integration will allow the Internet; commercial space according to the provisions into rental housing,
promote public rental housing monetization; plans to promote the development of general aviation,
the steady expansion of the low altitude airspace opening.
the general office of the State Council has issued the national work on combating intellectual property rights and selling counterfeit and shoddy c

Millet Max glory V8 Qi battle May new aircraft Preview

e bustling April,
we saw the first to abandon the 3.
5mm hole of the two generation mobile phone headset LETV,
three new machine Meizu bursts,
ZUK return to the association first teeth for Z2Pro,
the introduction of Leica glory P9 dual camera series,
and HTC farewell Chin of the new flagship HTC 10.
A good dizzying,
is brilliant,
In May has come,
also very exciting,
because we know there are still several new heavy looking forward to meet with you,
quickly see: 360 mobile phone N4: main fun published: May 9th 360 unified mobile phone brand,
its products are divided into F,
Q three series.
Following the main comfortable F4 released last month,
positioning fancier products,
high N4 in May 9th will also be with us.
From the official propaganda of the information,
the N4 flagsh

Vietnamese border check strong Chinese tourists tip not to buckle passport (travel abroad are asked to tip or not?)

ke the news,
May 2nd Vietnam time 8 pm,
in the queue for security clearance,
Vietnamese border officers took the initiative to ask them for 10 yuan tip,
there is a team of children with a mother refused to tip.
The Vietnamese border so seized the child's passport,
ask the mother to pay 100 yuan to exit,
and to pass the China tourists from behind 30 yuan tip,
caused by the presence of Chinese dissatisfaction.
Witnesses on the scene described a border officer grabbing the passport for refusing to pay passengers.
Entanglement after half an hour,
this is a family of three paid 100 yuan before being released,
a scene of tourists booing to express their dissatisfaction,
both physical collision.
Inspection staff suspected with stun guns,
crowd commotion,
Chinese tourists shouted come Chinese.

[must see] no money, don't panic, 5 years later, the most popular Ampquot Ampquot industry actually is

evelopment of economy,
network era,
big data and the Internet to the whole future of mankind to make decisions than ever before the hitherto unknown support system,
in the era of change,
with the development of society,
the ten major industries Xiaobian look at future five years the most popular.
cloud computing enterprise cloud is the general trend.
You can see: 1) the public and private cloud market growth go hand in hand,
is not a zero sum game; 2) the IaaS level: business ecosystem has diversified more and more important,
such as Amazon,
; 3) the SaaS level: mainly in human resources,
commodity marketing the procurement field,
such as SalesForce,
Oracle; PaaS: 4) level did not appear independent of the giants,
the future may extend down from

[NBA] every star who is stronger is simple and fast to win points against

second round room daily NBA mode of opening the playoffs,
game player can begin to impact the second round the room list,
and will likely win the Michael Jordan edition,
NBA Enterbay Jersey Jordan doll and NBA Chinese game tickets.
In addition,
daily NBA officially opened the star war mode,
obtaining the most simple point of the game,
but also get randomly sent Spalding basketball and the Coolrain doll,
shake up! The second round of the playoffs mode room entrance opener win awards get soft! The star war mode is a new game in the road of NBA every day.
In short,
it is a player who uses tickets to support,
likes or favors.
The players participating in the match against the system is based on the team's star players,
random matching,
attention to the playoffs,
to understand the star

McDonald's doesn't tell you the 10 disgusting truths

ou in China gives a pair of iron stomach,
McDonald's may cause erectile dysfunction,
you also got more calm,
Caption: Grapefruit wood caption group (ID:youzimuTV) length: 7 minutes and 09 seconds,
of course,
we are glad to see the rumor.
After all in.
send in this paper,
I have a staff editor mjmagi burger.
Our micro signal: nrz200405,
the real fun,
sexy and practical Confucius said: people without a letter,
do not know it too.
Meaning: if a person with men with WeChat didn't pay attention to,
simply do not know what he can do.
Click the read into energy-saving where we can't put on WeChat's content.

The typhoon could not stop the Chai Chai's determination to go out for a walk, just forcing the owner

od stubborn and assertive,
the last time the only pull claws home traction rope firewood even moderate,
to see this today,
the typhoon rainstorm can stop it out for a walk to see the officer shoveled shit following is a face of reluctant owners,
almost never smile out loud! There's a guy behind you who can't understand the Chai brain circuit.
You're so stupid,
don't you go home? It is said that the snow,
what kind of pain,
shaking his head to go! The hole hole quite fun! The temperature is 20 degrees below zero in Hokkaido,
Chai Chai wrapped in a towel,
but also adhere to the outside to see the scenery! In order to meet the needs of Chai Chai out,
the owners have to prepare all kinds of equipment for them,
and then they can enjoy Zuo outside!

Tearing sex after another is not only the armor of Venus, but also the soft underbelly

tertainment Zhuangao (text / Hou Hongbin) Venus and singer Sa Dingding open tear,
and on the hot search list.
The reason is that Venus in their talk show,
Sa Dingding exposed before the black history.
She said that Sa Dingding and brokers have come together to find their own advice,
in her proposal,
the main song everything grows instead of everything born.
Sa Dingding then hit the spot.
Sa Dingding came to the genre from the shape of a reborn -- wear costumes of ethnic minorities,
ethnic minorities to sing songs,
even their origins are from the Shandong girl instead of ethnic minorities.
Venus is also based on the mouth performed a life,
and deliberately take anti microphone,
Sa Dingding directed at the previous lip synch.
In this regard,
Sa Dingding is not silent,

The brokerage good year domineering steep 2 billion 200 million transport equipment, buy a car or buy a plane ship

CITIC Securities annual heavy report - 2015 annual report released.
In this nearly 300 page announcement,
CITIC Securities elaborated on the results of last year's business,
and also made a point of view on the development of the industry and the company in 2016.
But in this annual report,
there have been some puzzling things.
Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporters after careful reading found that in 2015,
CITIC Securities earned 19 billion 800 million yuan,
an increase of 74%,
which is a good result.
But the report also shows that last year the company fixed assets in the transportation equipment cost soared 2 billion 214 million yuan,
at the beginning of the year was 188 million yuan,
reached 2 billion 381 million yuan at the end of the year.
To a broker,
what kind o

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