Millet Max glory V8 Qi battle May new aircraft Preview

e bustling April,
we saw the first to abandon the 3.
5mm hole of the two generation mobile phone headset LETV,
three new machine Meizu bursts,
ZUK return to the association first teeth for Z2Pro,
the introduction of Leica glory P9 dual camera series,
and HTC farewell Chin of the new flagship HTC 10.
A good dizzying,
is brilliant,
In May has come,
also very exciting,
because we know there are still several new heavy looking forward to meet with you,
quickly see: 360 mobile phone N4: main fun published: May 9th 360 unified mobile phone brand,
its products are divided into F,
Q three series.
Following the main comfortable F4 released last month,
positioning fancier products,
high N4 in May 9th will also be with us.
From the official propaganda of the information,
the N4 flagsh

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