[NBA] every star who is stronger is simple and fast to win points against

second round room daily NBA mode of opening the playoffs,
game player can begin to impact the second round the room list,
and will likely win the Michael Jordan edition,
NBA Enterbay Jersey Jordan doll and NBA Chinese game tickets.
In addition,
daily NBA officially opened the star war mode,
obtaining the most simple point of the game,
but also get randomly sent Spalding basketball and the Coolrain doll,
shake up! The second round of the playoffs mode room entrance opener win awards get soft! The star war mode is a new game in the road of NBA every day.
In short,
it is a player who uses tickets to support,
likes or favors.
The players participating in the match against the system is based on the team's star players,
random matching,
attention to the playoffs,
to understand the star

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