Tearing sex after another is not only the armor of Venus, but also the soft underbelly

tertainment Zhuangao (text / Hou Hongbin) Venus and singer Sa Dingding open tear,
and on the hot search list.
The reason is that Venus in their talk show,
Sa Dingding exposed before the black history.
She said that Sa Dingding and brokers have come together to find their own advice,
in her proposal,
the main song everything grows instead of everything born.
Sa Dingding then hit the spot.
Sa Dingding came to the genre from the shape of a reborn -- wear costumes of ethnic minorities,
ethnic minorities to sing songs,
even their origins are from the Shandong girl instead of ethnic minorities.
Venus is also based on the mouth performed a life,
and deliberately take anti microphone,
Sa Dingding directed at the previous lip synch.
In this regard,
Sa Dingding is not silent,

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