The brokerage good year domineering steep 2 billion 200 million transport equipment, buy a car or buy a plane ship

CITIC Securities annual heavy report - 2015 annual report released.
In this nearly 300 page announcement,
CITIC Securities elaborated on the results of last year's business,
and also made a point of view on the development of the industry and the company in 2016.
But in this annual report,
there have been some puzzling things.
Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporters after careful reading found that in 2015,
CITIC Securities earned 19 billion 800 million yuan,
an increase of 74%,
which is a good result.
But the report also shows that last year the company fixed assets in the transportation equipment cost soared 2 billion 214 million yuan,
at the beginning of the year was 188 million yuan,
reached 2 billion 381 million yuan at the end of the year.
To a broker,
what kind o

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