The typhoon could not stop the Chai Chai's determination to go out for a walk, just forcing the owner

od stubborn and assertive,
the last time the only pull claws home traction rope firewood even moderate,
to see this today,
the typhoon rainstorm can stop it out for a walk to see the officer shoveled shit following is a face of reluctant owners,
almost never smile out loud! There's a guy behind you who can't understand the Chai brain circuit.
You're so stupid,
don't you go home? It is said that the snow,
what kind of pain,
shaking his head to go! The hole hole quite fun! The temperature is 20 degrees below zero in Hokkaido,
Chai Chai wrapped in a towel,
but also adhere to the outside to see the scenery! In order to meet the needs of Chai Chai out,
the owners have to prepare all kinds of equipment for them,
and then they can enjoy Zuo outside!

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