Vietnamese border check strong Chinese tourists tip not to buckle passport (travel abroad are asked to tip or not?)

ke the news,
May 2nd Vietnam time 8 pm,
in the queue for security clearance,
Vietnamese border officers took the initiative to ask them for 10 yuan tip,
there is a team of children with a mother refused to tip.
The Vietnamese border so seized the child's passport,
ask the mother to pay 100 yuan to exit,
and to pass the China tourists from behind 30 yuan tip,
caused by the presence of Chinese dissatisfaction.
Witnesses on the scene described a border officer grabbing the passport for refusing to pay passengers.
Entanglement after half an hour,
this is a family of three paid 100 yuan before being released,
a scene of tourists booing to express their dissatisfaction,
both physical collision.
Inspection staff suspected with stun guns,
crowd commotion,
Chinese tourists shouted come Chinese.

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