Drink water, plus one thing, 10 years of poison (cancer prevention, it is worth a lifetime collection)

tox Body cancer good stuff every day not less than 8 cups of water is necessary for human body.
In addition,
tell you a secret,
there are 16 kinds of good stuff on the water,
not only can prevent thirst Sheng Jin,
family benefits,
is worthy of the permanent collection! First: the main effect of 1 chrysanthemum soaked in water to prevent colds,
sore throat,
jasmine with bubble drink,
can detoxify,
can prevent and cure anemopyretic cold,
sore throat,
sore carbuncle,
often drink more fire,
Ning God meditation utility.
2 restore vision,
usually soak a cup of chrysanthemum tea to drink,
can make eye tired symptoms subsided,
and if drink three to four cups of chrysanthemum tea every day,
to restore vision is also helpful,
often play WeChat friends mu

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