[question & answer shopping guide] 150 thousand floor selected sedan or compact SUV

will hear problems for the 150 thousand recommended landing midsize sedan or compact SUV1,
mainly for commuting,
city and suburbs were no big road bumps,
small bumps,
often need to curb parking ground,
so the ground clearance is too low.
150 thousand landing midsize sedan or compact SUV.
for a large space,
reliable quality,
not every two or three days run 4S stores,
to worry with a 5,
6 years.
integrated fuel consumption is not higher than 10L/100km.
the current TOYOTA corolla,
requiring comfort,
at least higher than the corolla a grade.
Car evaluation person answer,
read the first 4 requirements,
seems to have a play,
read fifth,
I despair.
Honestly blooming,
buy a noise reduction headset,
you can save 150 thousand,
oh no,
145 thousand.
[car comments

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