Wu Xiubo, why is this Virgo uncle more and more lovable?

love Seattle,
so many young women bowed to the charm of Uncle Wu Xiubo's jeans! From time to time out of the philosophy of gold sentence,
accidentally put up the head of the ball,
always let the woman find the uncle's lovely place.
But after Xiaoxian checked Uncle Wu chart,
but found the uncle turned out to be a virgo! Yes! The black circle is in the constellation Virgo injured all over the body! Since when,
even a Virgo uncle can be so cute? He is good,
because he is the sun,
Virgo descendants,
often in their hearts will set themselves a relatively lofty goal,
this goal may be very idealistic,
full of extraordinary ambitions.
But they never say anything on their lips,
but as their people,
we can still see one or two of them from their high standards and strict demands on t

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