12 chance of falling in love with a bad man

he constellation above to subscribe! Aries woman 30% Aries love when the woman than the man is free and easy,
if you let her find you are not sincere,
the earth left who does not turn ah,
I kill you minutes! Taurus woman 15% Taurus woman love principle: this life should love yourself.
When love,
but she look bright,
grass root male condition not good.
She is not.
even with the tyrant together,
she will keep several good spare tire in her hand,
once she feels you are not appropriate,
immediately will let the spare tire patch,
tyrant what happened,
who love who?! Two children,
85% Gemini do not care about falling in love with who,
as long as happy,
even if the world thinks he slag,
but I don't care.
Even if you are better,
but you can not make me happy,
but still eggs?! There is an

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