Mother let me go to others as small three, I'm in pain

of shocked you,
home to the general conditions of the girl,
my mother and my dad divorced early,
I followed my mother,
my mother's view of life is the kind of game,
often for her boyfriend,
but also are rich,
my mother never work,
every night she would go to play mahjong.
Male friend's home.
I am now a senior three,
immediately on the college entrance examination,
I study results in general,
that is,
three books,
but three are generally more expensive.
My mother and I said,
she said that a woman does not need to read so many books,
the most important thing is to find a rich man to marry,
I have some skills to teach her how to seduce a man,
every day,
when the rich man's mistress.
I'm going crazy,
there is such a wonderful thing how mother? We two have been torn off so many times.
I don't

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