Promote the child two days, height 16 meters, may never grow 17 meters, grasp the last opportunity, how long is 10 centimeters

is less than 1.
6 meters tall in two days Probably never grow as long as 1.
7 meters! How long would you like it to be? 10 centimeters high? Hold on to your child's last chance! Who told you 23 jumping? 99% of the children graduated from junior high school,
height will never freeze! The real case recently,
Shanghai Jian high Department of Pediatrics director Li Hui received a third Xuhui District Tianlin child,
father to accompany.
The child is called Xin Xin,
on the third day,
height 1.
63 meters.
Height in the class is relatively short,
on the sports class queuing from elementary school,
is the top three.
Because the stature is shorter than other schoolmates,
Xin Xin always feels particularly inferiority.
But the family has no special care,
especially to the relatives said twenty-three cha

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