The black slave's daughter will be printed on the front of the new dollar and the president will be pushed back

ie Slumdog Millionaire,
there is an answer: in the 00 bill,
who is the portrait of the president of the United States? The protagonist got the right answer by relying on his previous experience of life: Benjamin Franklin.
Portraits on the dollar are not static.
the US Treasury website has unveiled a new US dollar note design,
which involves three denominations: ,
and 0.
Although the final version has not yet been determined,
new character elements have been announced.
Every time Xiao Bian (micro signal: nbdnews) found that the new version of the dollar,
the biggest feature is to enhance the status of women.
0: first American female portraits on the dollar of the new 0 note,
the positive is Riyat Tubman (Harriet Tubman) portrait,
the back will be the White House and Pr

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