When it comes to advertising in Putian, we want to know what the Google model has been

the May Day holiday,
the circle of friends was stirred by the death of a young man - 21 year old Wei Zexi died of illness,
but this has raised doubts and indignation among the domestic public about the Putian system and the search for advertising.
This is not the first time Baidu has fallen into a maelstrom of public opinion due to medical advertising.
Although Baidu has issued a statement on the death of Wei Zexi search advertising and there is no direct relationship,
but the bidding of medical advertisements ranking evil and a death of young people together,
to denounce the sound of a wave after wave,
which will inevitably become the object in the.
The Beijing News reported by Baidu network released entitled Dili mission trials and adhere to the Zexi Wei explained before and after

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